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Matthew Mills - Guitar
(Intermediate to advanced )

For over 10 years Matthew Mills has been building a distinguished career as an emerging force in Neoclassical guitar and top-notch guitar instructor. Matt has recorded 4 Neoclassical Rock albums distributed by Guitar Nine Records and other labels. He is endorsed by Schecter Guitars and Ernie Ball Strings. Matt has also been honored as one of the "50 Fastest Guitarist of All Time" by Guitar World Magazine. He regularly draws large audiences to Seminars he conducts locally and regionally. When not teaching, he can be found in the studio or on stage with either of his Bands.

Matt specializes in Intermediate to Advanced, ages 13 and up. Styles include Rock, Jazz, Blues and Neoclassical. Matt teaches basic knowledge of chords, scales, arpeggios, sight reading and picking technique. Beginner to advanced instruction covers teaching improvisational concepts over jazz classical and blues chord changes, instruction of compositional and writing elements, instruction of selected pieces according to style and level of the student. Advanced picking techniques, sweep and economy picking, and the picking styles of Al Dimeola and Yngwie Malmsteen are also covered.

Matt has studied with Berklee School of Music's Joe Stump as well as private music instruction at Towson State University. Matt can be found teaching here on Monday, Tuesday, Thurday, and Fridays.

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